Well, hello there folks! I am so glad you made it over to my contacts part of my site because I won't disappoint y'all with my little background of who I am. I'm a southern Louisiana girl, who now calls Calgary, Alberta my home. I'm that happy girl you see in the room and think, wow, now she is happy! Don't worry, I'm the least bit obnoxious but I will use a lot of y'alls' and several terms of endearments when talking to you (y'all). I've been in Canada for just over 10 years so my accent isn't overly pronounced... well, unless I have some single malt whisky in my hand.  

I'm the photographer who makes sure everyone is genuinely enjoying themselves. Oh and I love me some good southern say'ings.


Here's some interesting facts :

If you play music, I will in start dancing. I love to travel and see a place for the first time. I love love love kids, she said/he said comments, and yes, I can cook well. I'm from Louisiana so, duh!  Most importantly, I don't like to waste my time of things that don't matter. As we all know, life is short and we need to embrace the life we are given. So, if all this sounds like someone you want to hang out with, give me a shout, I won't disappoint.

Much Respect.