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Happy New Year 2019

Looking Back to Look Forward

Happy New Year Folks

It is that time of year when we all either happily or begrudgingly look back over the past year. Regardless of how you look at it all, we all get a new fresh start for the new year. For me, I am glad 2018 is over. It was a good year all in all but there were moments when I swear I was like, F-this! Like many I know, we all had a lot of challenges, but just like all things that transpired, we got through them. Not being able to work as much as I normally would have due to this lovely lingering recession here in Canada, my major surgery I severely needed, and my schedule being full with family needs, it somehow gave me the much needed opportunity to spend a lot more time with my family. That being said, my family time was more just my kids and me as my man squeeze, my hubby, worked out of town all year, as many of y’all already know. I also was able to travel to Florida, California, New York and of course the rocky mountains a few times and I have to say, that was a miracle in itself. I’ve seemed to manage how to work abroad while also taking some family time along the way and for me, this is a major success. All y’all mommas and pappas out their, you feel me. It ain’t and wasn’t easy but we do this life, one thing at a time. Also, I couldn’t have done this all without the support of my mother-in-law and my friends.

Here’s my annual breakdown & some fun factoids :

Weddings & Elopements - 8

Second Shooting (Weddings) - 2

Wedding Engagements - 5

Hello There Darling Boudoir - 3

Family Sessions - 36

Commercial & Events - 8

Projects & Community Outreach - 5

Grand Total : 72 shoots this year

Clientele : Teachers, Nurses, Construction Workers, Doctors, Engineers, Project Management Personnel, Real Estate Agents, Event Management Managers, Banking Investors, Human Resources Personnel, Wedding Industry Professionals, Students, Self Employed Heroes, our Amazing Firefighters, and our local kickass Police Officers.

Personal Projects Started - Little Women, Yr 1

Personal Projects to be Started in 2019 - S.T.A.N.D Against Sexual Assault Boudoir (See Instagram Live Feed New Years Day) - Sign up will open January 8th 2019.

Locations My Camera Traveled Too :

Calgary AB, Strathmore AB, Canmore AB, Banff AB, Salinas CA, San Fransisco CA New York City, Windermere BC, Orlando Florida

Where 2019 is Taking My Camera : To Date

New Zealand, Louisiana, Windermere, BC, Calgary, AB

All in all, I tend to service the best kind of humans that walk this earth. They are all humble, kind, hard working and come are very creative. I say it often, I must repel any other kind of folks. I am so grateful for each and every one of y’all who choose to keep coming back to me to capture your milestones in your lives and I am also very grateful for all my new clients who gave me a shot to work together.

Much respect and love to y’all all!




Rocky Mountain Wedding Editorial Shoot

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Every spring I am drawn back to my childhood memories of watching a Sound of Music with my grandma Duncan. She loved, loved, loved Juile Andrews and she loved the mountains and every spring we would watch the movie after our Easter church service. We would also watch it on rainy May days too! It was our thing. I find I am more and more like her as my days carry on. So of course, when I was asked to partake in a wedding inspiration shoot based on the love of the movie the Sound of Music, I was all in, no questions asked. 

Now for y'all brides-to-be out there, finding the right inspiration for your wedding is essential. I say this all the time, but I can't seem to say it enough, it must hold near and dear to your heart. It can be the most beautiful event ever but if your heart and your personality are not clearing seen and reflected in your whole day, its could have been just another person's wedding. 

What inspired Claudette Marie Events is her genuine love of Julie Andrews, the songs and love in the sound of music movie she too grew up watching and those majestic rocky mountains. Its simply about what it means to have beauty, grace, playfulness and to find your love. She is a hopeless romantic after all. 

So, when asked all of us vendors came together and made what I call one of the most beautiful mountain-scape wedding inspiration shoots I have ever done. And, as such, It has been featured in a few places already but alas, here are a few of my favourites shots from it. I hope you are inspired to make your wedding reflect what makes you happy because your wedding is all about sharing your love with all those who come to celebrate the two of y'all.




Creative Team

Wedding Planner & Designer - Claudette Marie Events

Floral Design - Always Sunny Floral Design

Stationary Design - Modern Pulp

Wedding Dress - The Bridal Boutique, Calgary

Flower Girl Attire - Stephanie Kids Clothing

Makeup - Jaimie Rankin Makeup Artistry

Hair - Top Knot Brides

Models - Kolby, Zoe & Jessica's May's Horse

Table - Cd Vintage Rentals

Misc. Decor & Styling - Claudette Hogan

Vintage Decor - Orange Trunk



Calgary Wedding Photographer - Fish Creek Park Wedding

Emmylou + Shaun Married

So, this wedding is for all the DIY can-doers, serious Gilmore girl fans, lovers all teacups, men who can dress well, and love a good outdoor wedding and reception.

I will keep this short and too the point because I know y'all are here for the photos. So,  here is what I call the next best couple since Lorelei + Luke. Emmylou + Shaun are two of the most lovely, wittiest couples I've ever met. They get what life is really all about, they love their family and friends like there is no tomorrow and when Emmylou walked down the outdoor park path, I even wept. You see, Emmy is basically super talented in... well everything really and that is why most of their wedding decor, etc she made HERSELF and it wasn't Pinterest fails. Ha Ha Don't get me wrong she had some amazing help from Lisa & Peter, her wedding assistants but she had an amazing vision that she also shared with her now hubby, Shaun. After all, he made their backdrop frame for their ceremony. See, I told you, he is her Luke. He is handy and can make anything!!!

Ok, y'all see for yourself what I"m talking about folks!

What you need to know about these bottles of champagne, is that Emmylou's picked up her bottle of Perrier Jouet in France when she went to the vineyard and then told her momma about it. Her momma was stunned and immediately got her own bottle of champagne from her wedding  roughly 37 years ago!!!

What you need to know about these bottles of champagne, is that Emmylou's picked up her bottle of Perrier Jouet in France when she went to the vineyard and then told her momma about it. Her momma was stunned and immediately got her own bottle of champagne from her wedding  roughly 37 years ago!!!


Here's their amazing, beautiful video by THE Parfait Productions, because you need to see it folks. You NEED TO SEE IT!

Creative Team : 

Wedding Ceremony - Hulls Wood Amphitheatre, Fish Creek Park

Wedding Reception - Meadow Muse Pavillon

Cinematography - Parfait Productions

Marriage Commissioner - Brenwyn Cooley

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Invitations - Minted

Wedding Dress, Headpiece & Ear Rings - David's Bridal

Wedding Ring - Brides - Heart on Fire

Wedding Ring - Groom - Crown Rings

Bride's Bracelet - Frilly Lilly

Suits - Moore's

Groomsmen Accessories - The Tie Bar

Champagne & Vintage Flutes - Perrier Jouet, France

Reception Decor & Design - Emmylou

Wedding Assistants - Lisa Barbetti & Peter Klein 

Wedding Couple's Portrait - Little Me Paper Co.

Entertainment & DJ - Pez Productions

Guests Shuttle Service - Ambassador Limo


"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone completely in love and knowing they are 100% compatible in every way. Emmylou + Shaun y'all are this through and through." - xoxo Christy

Canmore Wedding Photographer - Silvertip Resort Wedding

Laura + Joel's Rocking Mountain Wedding

You want to know the secret to an absolute amazing wedding?

Take time to actually enjoy your day! Whatever you have to do to achieve this, will be well worth its weight in gold as it is simply priceless. 

Laura and Joel are two of the kindest souls I've ever met. They not only conveyed how they wanted to not rush their day, but they also wanted to be with their guests whenever possible. So, I promised them that I would ensure that we would take time for photos but I would get them to their friends and families as soon as possible. This in turn also allowed for them to also to take time to just be together a few times during the day as well.

So, here is what a non-hectic, rocky mountain, Canmore wedding can look like. I hope you enjoy their beautiful day as much as they did.

Thank you kindly Laura + Joel

Y'all are simply the best.



Wedding Team : 

Wedding Planner - Shannon Valente Weddings

Wedding Venue - Slivertip Resort

Florals - Flower Artistry

Sweets Table & Wedding Cake - Whippt Catering & Desserts

Hair & Makeup - Pretty Haus