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Hello There Darling Alaina

"She knew she was different but what she didn't know is how that would be her what made her strive for more out of her life. "

Alaina, she isn't all just femininity and pretty smiles, she is strong, indecisive yet confident, ambitious and curious, a bit impatient, but basically she is a powerful woman. She also is always doing some soul searching but man oh, man she can be a tiny bit stubborn at times. Does any of these sound familiar? I'm sure it does because, she is like so many of us. So, take heart that you are never alone. She, we, are also more hard on ourselves, than anyone ever needs to be. So, when others start to judge us or offer their advise when its not warranted, just say, thanks, but no thanks. 

When I asked Alaina why she wanted to do this shoot, she said, "This one is for me, just me." You see  sometimes doing something just for you isn't just opening a bottle of wine at the end of a long day, or getting your nails done, it can be an life altering experience, like a boudoir session but the key is, you must be open to it. Alaina, brought her whole heart, her past, her present and her hopes for her future to this shoot. And, it all paid off. This is one of my all time favourite shoots for a client. I'm sort of in love with it all. 

Life Lesson : Like Brene Brown, says, vulnerability is about having the courage to show up. Here is to showing up. Here's to folks like Alaina choosing to live this life with a full heart, accepting her past, being present now and creating hopes for her future. 

Alain, may this next chapter you are stepping into be full, rewarding, challenging and full of love for yourself. 

xoxo, Christy


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Shoot Credits

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Macarme - Wool and Waves

Kimono - Adorn Boutique

Greenhouse - Private Residence

Fall Camping Boudoir Shoot

Hello There Darling Victor

The smell of campfire, the fresh pot of brewed coffee and a handsome gent just being in the middle of nature, yeah.... that's pretty fantastic and some would say very mountain men like. I won't disagree at all but what I will say, is sometimes the very simple things are some of the sexiest things one can lay eyes on. 

This is what I was thinking when I was asked to collaborate on a outdoor boudoir shoot for a gent. I hope y'all like it and can find some inspiration for the next time you go camping.

Much Respect, 


Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0014.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0002.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0010.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0018.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0001.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0021.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0029.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0031.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0051.jpg

Model - Victor

Underwear - Saxx Underwear, Below the Belt

Vintage Shaving Kit, Holt Renfew - Its Vintage YYC

Basically all other decor was from me and my camping supplies. LOL