Happy New Year 2019

Looking Back to Look Forward

Happy New Year Folks

It is that time of year when we all either happily or begrudgingly look back over the past year. Regardless of how you look at it all, we all get a new fresh start for the new year. For me, I am glad 2018 is over. It was a good year all in all but there were moments when I swear I was like, F-this! Like many I know, we all had a lot of challenges, but just like all things that transpired, we got through them. Not being able to work as much as I normally would have due to this lovely lingering recession here in Canada, my major surgery I severely needed, and my schedule being full with family needs, it somehow gave me the much needed opportunity to spend a lot more time with my family. That being said, my family time was more just my kids and me as my man squeeze, my hubby, worked out of town all year, as many of y’all already know. I also was able to travel to Florida, California, New York and of course the rocky mountains a few times and I have to say, that was a miracle in itself. I’ve seemed to manage how to work abroad while also taking some family time along the way and for me, this is a major success. All y’all mommas and pappas out their, you feel me. It ain’t and wasn’t easy but we do this life, one thing at a time. Also, I couldn’t have done this all without the support of my mother-in-law and my friends.

Here’s my annual breakdown & some fun factoids :

Weddings & Elopements - 8

Second Shooting (Weddings) - 2

Wedding Engagements - 5

Hello There Darling Boudoir - 3

Family Sessions - 36

Commercial & Events - 8

Projects & Community Outreach - 5

Grand Total : 72 shoots this year

Clientele : Teachers, Nurses, Construction Workers, Doctors, Engineers, Project Management Personnel, Real Estate Agents, Event Management Managers, Banking Investors, Human Resources Personnel, Wedding Industry Professionals, Students, Self Employed Heroes, our Amazing Firefighters, and our local kickass Police Officers.

Personal Projects Started - Little Women, Yr 1

Personal Projects to be Started in 2019 - S.T.A.N.D Against Sexual Assault Boudoir (See Instagram Live Feed New Years Day) - Sign up will open January 8th 2019.

Locations My Camera Traveled Too :

Calgary AB, Strathmore AB, Canmore AB, Banff AB, Salinas CA, San Fransisco CA New York City, Windermere BC, Orlando Florida

Where 2019 is Taking My Camera : To Date

New Zealand, Louisiana, Windermere, BC, Calgary, AB

All in all, I tend to service the best kind of humans that walk this earth. They are all humble, kind, hard working and come are very creative. I say it often, I must repel any other kind of folks. I am so grateful for each and every one of y’all who choose to keep coming back to me to capture your milestones in your lives and I am also very grateful for all my new clients who gave me a shot to work together.

Much respect and love to y’all all!




Destination Boudoir Session

Destination Weddings - Destination Boudoir Sessions

Have you ever contemplated if it was or wasn't completly worth it to spend the money on wedding florals when you having a destination wedding?  Well, I'm here to show you why it can be some of the best money you will ever spend.

Think about it, you have dreamed of this wedding at your dream destination, you can envision it all in your mind but you, are worried about wasting money or flowers that although they are beautiful, they will wilt sooner than later.  Well, here is my secret. If I'm shooting your destination wedding, I will gladly take all your flowers, draw you a nice warm bath, get you come champagne and take some stunning photos for you of you with all your wedding flowers. This way you can literally enjoy them to the last possible moment.  It is that easy. And, now you can rest assured you didn't waste any money, you actually used your florals more than most would have and you had a spa like morning because you worked so hard to plan your wedding dream. 

Is your mind is blown with this genius idea?!?

Now, lets get married folks, I'm packed and ready. 

Hello There Darling Scarlett



Venue - De Tierra Vineyards

Flowers - Christine Cater

Destination Planner & Designer - Matthew Oliver Weddings, Matthew & Ceri

Greenhouse Outdoor Boudoir


Hello There Darling Alaina

"She knew she was different but what she didn't know is how that would be her what made her strive for more out of her life. "

Alaina, she isn't all just femininity and pretty smiles, she is strong, indecisive yet confident, ambitious and curious, a bit impatient, but basically she is a powerful woman. She also is always doing some soul searching but man oh, man she can be a tiny bit stubborn at times. Does any of these sound familiar? I'm sure it does because, she is like so many of us. So, take heart that you are never alone. She, we, are also more hard on ourselves, than anyone ever needs to be. So, when others start to judge us or offer their advise when its not warranted, just say, thanks, but no thanks. 

When I asked Alaina why she wanted to do this shoot, she said, "This one is for me, just me." You see  sometimes doing something just for you isn't just opening a bottle of wine at the end of a long day, or getting your nails done, it can be an life altering experience, like a boudoir session but the key is, you must be open to it. Alaina, brought her whole heart, her past, her present and her hopes for her future to this shoot. And, it all paid off. This is one of my all time favourite shoots for a client. I'm sort of in love with it all. 

Life Lesson : Like Brene Brown, says, vulnerability is about having the courage to show up. Here is to showing up. Here's to folks like Alaina choosing to live this life with a full heart, accepting her past, being present now and creating hopes for her future. 

Alain, may this next chapter you are stepping into be full, rewarding, challenging and full of love for yourself. 

xoxo, Christy


Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0080.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0079.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0075.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0015.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0006.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0082.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0092.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Alaina_2017_HR 0052.jpg

Shoot Credits

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Macarme - Wool and Waves

Kimono - Adorn Boutique

Greenhouse - Private Residence

Fall Camping Boudoir Shoot

Hello There Darling Victor

The smell of campfire, the fresh pot of brewed coffee and a handsome gent just being in the middle of nature, yeah.... that's pretty fantastic and some would say very mountain men like. I won't disagree at all but what I will say, is sometimes the very simple things are some of the sexiest things one can lay eyes on. 

This is what I was thinking when I was asked to collaborate on a outdoor boudoir shoot for a gent. I hope y'all like it and can find some inspiration for the next time you go camping.

Much Respect, 


Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0014.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0002.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0010.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0018.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0001.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0021.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0029.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0031.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0051.jpg

Model - Victor

Underwear - Saxx Underwear, Below the Belt

Vintage Shaving Kit, Holt Renfew - Its Vintage YYC

Basically all other decor was from me and my camping supplies. LOL

Confetti Wedding Magazine Launch

Hello There Darling Couples

If you are here, I am yours. If you want me, I am waiting for your next move. You are my beat to my heart and together we complete each curve and groove as if we were made to fit the same mold. 

There is something to be said about two people who are just comfortable in each other's company. You know what I mean, they can tune out the world, just stay inside together on a rainy day and do nothing but watch movies, read books, talk for hours about nothing and let go of all the world's problems as long as they are together.

This shoot for the Confetti Wedding Magazine is what I think when I have this feeling on those days when you are so in love that only their breathing matches your heartbeat. I wanted to showcase how our ordinary lives are extraordinary, how couples don't have to be anyone else than themselves and how boudoir doesn't have to be overdone or boring. It can be simply authentic and beautiful.

Much Respect Folks


Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0004.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0005.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0006.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0007.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0003.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0010.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0024.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0026.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0028.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0029.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0030.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0031.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0033.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0020.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0023.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0022.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0037.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0035.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0036.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0034.jpg

Creative Team

Makeup - Trena Laine Makeup

Hair Styling - Hammerheadz Salon

Clothing - Knickers - n - Lace & Ed Williams

Vintage Bed & Side Carte - Orange Trunk Rentals & Styling

Concept & Decor - Christy D Swanberg, Hello There Darling

Venue - The Hudson, The Guild

Inspiration for Shoot - Luca Fogale, Shelter. See below.

Southern California Beach Day

Hello There Darling Nihan 

Sometimes we just need to follow our  heart and the sound of the waves when life isn't doing what you had planned. Lets just say, if we spend more time letting go of the things we can't control and focus on what we can the amount of freedom we will obtain is endless.  Here is what happened when I did just that. 

Lately, I have been feeling, like many others I know, that the world is in a funny place. I don't mean funny in a ha ha way, but more that it just has being feels off to me. So, I did what I always do when I realize this, I hop on a plane and change my scenery. 

So, what does this all have to do with the lovely you see below and in this blog title?  Well, she was a total stranger to me. I was shooting a bridal shoot on the beautiful beach here and she was an on looker of it all. Then, my scheduled boudoir client that I had set up was running late and actually ended up not being able to make it in time for our sunset beach session. This is where Nihan comes in. I took a deep breath, walked over with my camera in hand and boldly asked if she would step in as my beach boudoir model as I had 15 mins and thought she would be perfect. 

Here is the results! Oh boy, I am so glad I listened to the waves calling me to San Diego, not allowing fear to rule over me this day. I trusted my gut, 'changed my stars', yes that is A Knight's Tale quote, and got these shots. Nihan, you are stunningly beautiful, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who has ever told you that but more importantly, you trusted a stranger. You took a leap of faith with me and for that I am forever grateful. You are now an official Darling, like all my Hello There Darling boudoir clients. 

Much love & respect, 


P.S. Y'al should check out her website if you love fashion, style and well all things pretty.

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Crystal

The mental prep for your boudoir darlings!

Crystal secretly pulled me aside one evening at a mutal friends house to ask me to shoot her boudoir. Of course, immediately, we both became giddy about it and the planning began. You see the mental preparation for a boudoir is the single most important part of a boudoir session. You are about to allow yourself to be vulnerable and truly look at who you are. The great thing about this is, your session is less about what you wear, or what you shave / wax but who you are deep down. There is no escaping it really. 

So, like all boudoir shoots, we have a few chats on the phone, there is a styling part of the shoot so you can be seen in every shot. There is even a boudoir prep kit on what to expect with treats sent out to your doorstep for the private full sessions. 

This is THE magic of a boudoir session and why no two are the same.  It is also why boudoir sessions are my favourite thing to shoot and why so many folks want to have them done repetitively. Getting to know yourself is the best gift you will ever invest in. 

So, here is what we came up with Crystal and I.

Hello There Darling Crystal

Special Thanks to the following creatives who helped make this session exceptional : 

Makeup - Love & Colour, Karlie Cyr

Kimono - Lost in Layers

Much Love,




Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Marcel

Male Boudoir

Its the new hottest thing on the market because gents want to celebrate being them too and why shouldn't they?! I might be a feminist but all the great men I've met in my time are also feminist. Its not about being better than the other sex but supporting all mankind through equality. 

So, to show support and celebrate all the amazing gents out there here is Hello There Darling Marcel. He happens to be a professional model and is one of the nicest gents I know but here is the catch y'all. Boudoir is not about being a model but yourself. I had to remind Marcel to relax, stop posing and get out of his own way. He had to just be him or else I wouldn't take the photo. I think that made him feel uncomfortable like every single person I get to photograph for boudoir. Each client starts out very vulnerable and they have to trust me completely. And, here is what trust looks like folks and getting out your own way.


Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Tannis

She is inquisitive, she is quirky, she is what strength looks like and she is just beginning to learn how to fly on her own. May every young woman in her twenties be able to take a moment and look in the mirror and see themselves for who they are not who society wants them to be. May they also never stop searching to know more about themselves as they age. To embrace the exploration of who they are is what this life is really all about. 

Here There Darling. 


Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_2016_Tannis_HR 0009.jpg

Makeup by - Karlie Cyr, Love and Colour Makeup Artistry

Vintage Bed - Orange Trunk Vintage Rentals & Styling

Styling & Photography - Moi!

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Sanja

Boudoir for Every Occasion, Especially Your Wedding

When Sanja asked me about doing a boudoir for her I immediately thought how flawless she was. Then, I needed to get inside her head, like I do with all my clients and find out what exactly was her version of boudoir. 

You see, we all have a different view of what boudoir is and what it should be. I want my sessions to be natural, fun and having you strutting out the door like you own the world. So, I took Sanja's obsession of cupcakes, her freaking amazing shoes, and focused on her playful personality.  What we have here is a snippet of her session but you get the point. She did amazingly! 

Thank you kindly Darling Sanja!

You are officially a Hello There Darling now. 

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling

Shut The Front Door

I kid y'all not, when a few ladies aka darlings starting telling me that I needed to not only trademark my boudoir brand, name but they all wanted apparel, I laughed out loud. Like for real, y'all. I thought who would actually care and would anyone REALLY buy apparel with Hello There Darling on it?

Long story short, they were right. I am proud to say, not only did I trademark Hello There Darling but we've made a couple t-shirts, just opened a downtown Calgary studio and people are just lovin' it all. So, thank you kindly. 

My promise to y'all :

- I will make products that are comfy and support all shapes & sizes

- I will stand behind my brand and remind y'all how lovely and darling y'all are

- I will try new things out here and then 

- I will do my best to keep all design for Hello There Darling to be within Canada

Here are a few pics from my first ever apparel shoot with the lovely model Alex. If you love this, check out the shop on the website and get you one. I would to see you sporting one on instagram, so y'all!


Hello_There_Darling_Horizontal_Print_LR 0003.jpg