Happy New Year 2019

Looking Back to Look Forward

Happy New Year Folks

It is that time of year when we all either happily or begrudgingly look back over the past year. Regardless of how you look at it all, we all get a new fresh start for the new year. For me, I am glad 2018 is over. It was a good year all in all but there were moments when I swear I was like, F-this! Like many I know, we all had a lot of challenges, but just like all things that transpired, we got through them. Not being able to work as much as I normally would have due to this lovely lingering recession here in Canada, my major surgery I severely needed, and my schedule being full with family needs, it somehow gave me the much needed opportunity to spend a lot more time with my family. That being said, my family time was more just my kids and me as my man squeeze, my hubby, worked out of town all year, as many of y’all already know. I also was able to travel to Florida, California, New York and of course the rocky mountains a few times and I have to say, that was a miracle in itself. I’ve seemed to manage how to work abroad while also taking some family time along the way and for me, this is a major success. All y’all mommas and pappas out their, you feel me. It ain’t and wasn’t easy but we do this life, one thing at a time. Also, I couldn’t have done this all without the support of my mother-in-law and my friends.

Here’s my annual breakdown & some fun factoids :

Weddings & Elopements - 8

Second Shooting (Weddings) - 2

Wedding Engagements - 5

Hello There Darling Boudoir - 3

Family Sessions - 36

Commercial & Events - 8

Projects & Community Outreach - 5

Grand Total : 72 shoots this year

Clientele : Teachers, Nurses, Construction Workers, Doctors, Engineers, Project Management Personnel, Real Estate Agents, Event Management Managers, Banking Investors, Human Resources Personnel, Wedding Industry Professionals, Students, Self Employed Heroes, our Amazing Firefighters, and our local kickass Police Officers.

Personal Projects Started - Little Women, Yr 1

Personal Projects to be Started in 2019 - S.T.A.N.D Against Sexual Assault Boudoir (See Instagram Live Feed New Years Day) - Sign up will open January 8th 2019.

Locations My Camera Traveled Too :

Calgary AB, Strathmore AB, Canmore AB, Banff AB, Salinas CA, San Fransisco CA New York City, Windermere BC, Orlando Florida

Where 2019 is Taking My Camera : To Date

New Zealand, Louisiana, Windermere, BC, Calgary, AB

All in all, I tend to service the best kind of humans that walk this earth. They are all humble, kind, hard working and come are very creative. I say it often, I must repel any other kind of folks. I am so grateful for each and every one of y’all who choose to keep coming back to me to capture your milestones in your lives and I am also very grateful for all my new clients who gave me a shot to work together.

Much respect and love to y’all all!




Melanie + Jeremy's Calgary City Elopement

Melanie + Jeremy Married

Lets meet up in a calgary park, tell only our family and tie the knot. Tell me more, tell me more, is all I could think when I met Melanie and Jeremy for the first time for their wedding portraits before their elopement. I love when folks just make a decision that is best for them and enjoy every minute of it all. After all, isn't that what living is all about? 

Heres to y'all Mel + Jeremy. 

Best Wishes & Congratulations


Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0037.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0033.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0034.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0039.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0038.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0022.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0017.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0020.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0023.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0043.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0048.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0127.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0051.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0088.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0099.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0097.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0100.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0125.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0129.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0068.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0059.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0128.jpg

Much Love & Respect to Y'all both. 

Thank you for finding me and allowing me to capture your beautiful love.


Calgary Wedding Photographer - Modern Rustic Elopement

Water Valley Church Modern Rustic Elopement


Lets just run away to our forever because I can't wait one more day without being yours. - CDS

I wanted to create what I thought a beautiful elopement from just outside the city limits could look like. What I didn't dream I would be able to create was setting the stage for a real couple to tie the knot in front of their closest family and friends. It was simply beautiful, carefully styled to reflect them and who they truly are while reminding me the whole reason I love shooting love stories in the first place, being around great people.

Please meet Kendra, Max and their beautiful daughter, Indie. Their elopement story is one that will inspire all of us to remember our purpose in life and how love binds us together when its genuine. 


Thank you kindly to :

Venue & Hostess - Water Valley Church & Events

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Bridal Attire & Jewelry - Frocks Modern, Calgary, AB

Groom's Attire - Ed Williams Menswear

Makeup - Katie Kerr Makeup Artistry

Marriage Commissioner - Maxeen Brigley

Stationary, Elopement Announcements - Bloom Invites

Ceremony Backdrop & Paper Flowers - Prairie Love

Vintage Decor - Orange Trunk Vintage Rental & Styling

Photography - Lil'Ole Me!