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Happy New Year 2019

Looking Back to Look Forward

Happy New Year Folks

It is that time of year when we all either happily or begrudgingly look back over the past year. Regardless of how you look at it all, we all get a new fresh start for the new year. For me, I am glad 2018 is over. It was a good year all in all but there were moments when I swear I was like, F-this! Like many I know, we all had a lot of challenges, but just like all things that transpired, we got through them. Not being able to work as much as I normally would have due to this lovely lingering recession here in Canada, my major surgery I severely needed, and my schedule being full with family needs, it somehow gave me the much needed opportunity to spend a lot more time with my family. That being said, my family time was more just my kids and me as my man squeeze, my hubby, worked out of town all year, as many of y’all already know. I also was able to travel to Florida, California, New York and of course the rocky mountains a few times and I have to say, that was a miracle in itself. I’ve seemed to manage how to work abroad while also taking some family time along the way and for me, this is a major success. All y’all mommas and pappas out their, you feel me. It ain’t and wasn’t easy but we do this life, one thing at a time. Also, I couldn’t have done this all without the support of my mother-in-law and my friends.

Here’s my annual breakdown & some fun factoids :

Weddings & Elopements - 8

Second Shooting (Weddings) - 2

Wedding Engagements - 5

Hello There Darling Boudoir - 3

Family Sessions - 36

Commercial & Events - 8

Projects & Community Outreach - 5

Grand Total : 72 shoots this year

Clientele : Teachers, Nurses, Construction Workers, Doctors, Engineers, Project Management Personnel, Real Estate Agents, Event Management Managers, Banking Investors, Human Resources Personnel, Wedding Industry Professionals, Students, Self Employed Heroes, our Amazing Firefighters, and our local kickass Police Officers.

Personal Projects Started - Little Women, Yr 1

Personal Projects to be Started in 2019 - S.T.A.N.D Against Sexual Assault Boudoir (See Instagram Live Feed New Years Day) - Sign up will open January 8th 2019.

Locations My Camera Traveled Too :

Calgary AB, Strathmore AB, Canmore AB, Banff AB, Salinas CA, San Fransisco CA New York City, Windermere BC, Orlando Florida

Where 2019 is Taking My Camera : To Date

New Zealand, Louisiana, Windermere, BC, Calgary, AB

All in all, I tend to service the best kind of humans that walk this earth. They are all humble, kind, hard working and come are very creative. I say it often, I must repel any other kind of folks. I am so grateful for each and every one of y’all who choose to keep coming back to me to capture your milestones in your lives and I am also very grateful for all my new clients who gave me a shot to work together.

Much respect and love to y’all all!




Alia + William's Mehndi Ceremony

Alia + William Married

For the love all things bright, inspiring and full of colour I give you a beautiful Mehndi Ceremony that was here in Calgary, AB.

Who says you can't celebrate if you are having a destination wedding? Alia and William had the best of both worlds. They celebrated here with their loved ones AND got to get away to a beautiful beach to say they do. I however, didn't fit into their suitcase but I will never hold that against them. I wish y'all both all the happiness this worlds has to offer y'all both.

Much love & respect! 



Amanda + Marc's Fall Calgary Engagement

Amanda + Marc Engaged

What happens when you are ready to get married and you have a kiddo? You have your engagements with the three of you of course!!!

Amanda and Marc are getting hitched this year at one of my favourite hotels here in Calgary, Hotel Arts. But.... they wanted some relaxed family photos for their family of three in addition to some traditional engagement portraits. I mean who I am, to say no to love, giggles and some cuddling time?! he he 

So...I give you Amanda, Marc & their lil'lady LaMadeleine. 


Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0006.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0001.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0012.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0008.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0032.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0034.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0021.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0013.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0010.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0016.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0019.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0016.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0008.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanda_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0003.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Amanada_Marc_Engagements_2017_HR 0027.jpg

Susan + Brant's Winter Wedding Engagement

Susan + Brant Engaged

Everything single thing happens for a specific reason. 

It is that simple, and yet, we try to control so much of our lives. However, we will find is to no avail everything that will be, will be. 

Susan and Brant, are two very kind people, who when you see them together, it is transparent that they don't have to say much for you to know that they respect and love each other very deeply. It is because of this, when I was taking their wedding engagements last weekend, I caught myself just wanting to let them be. They don't need much guidance, although maybe Brant does. he he He is like most guys, who are not quite sure what to do in front of a camera but when you tell him his one job is to love on his girl, he like all good gents, jump in with both feet and make their session amazing.  I think she would agree. Right, Susan?! 

With all my wedding engagement sessions, there are very obvious-to-me moments when I can let go and let the couple just be them. Its the simple part of engagements but also THE most important part. Couples need to be allowed to be themselves even if they aren't used to doing so in front of a camera. 

So, thank y'all kindly Susan and Brant; I cannot wait until your big day this September!!!!

Much love and respect, 



Love is simply the best. 

Ashley + Brett's Sheep River Falls Engagement Session

Ashley + Brett Engaged

Your hands guide me toward your lips like it knows how I thirst for your kiss. This feeling you orchestrate is like no other and you must be mine as soon as humanly possible.

Ashley and Brett wanted to do their wedding engagements out somewhere that wasn't on the normal beaten path. They searched high and low for it even and had 'scout' days to find the exact location that spoke to them both. They found Turner Valley's Sheep River Falls and knew instantly that it was the perfect spot. So, like any adventurous photographer, I jumped in their big ole truck and off went to capture their love amongst the amazing views of Turner Valley. 

I always want to know my couple's story and by story, I mean stories. We each have a different memory of how it all went down. So, I want all the details, the good, the embarrassing and the sometimes twisting stories of how they because a couple. You know why. I need to know what makes them tick so when they get in front of my camera I tell their story as authentically as I possibly can.

Here is what I saw, how I could tell they are both passionate souls who will never bore of each other no matter the circumstances.  

Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0026.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0032.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0036.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0049.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0023.jpg

Thank you kindly Ashley and Brett for trusting me, spending quality time with me and letting me into your world. I cannot wait for your wedding day next summer in Strathmore as I know it will be nothing short of amazing. 

Much love and respect to you both.


Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0060.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0062.jpg

Cassandra + Derek's Fall Engagement Session

Cassandra + Derek Engaged

To know what forever looks like is to look into your eyes. I see my future, what unconditional love is and where I know my only home will ever be. 

I remember the first time I met Cassandra, her smile made me smile, immediately. Her excitement about her marrying her gent was contagious. Then, meeting Derek I could see why she felt this way. He is completely smitten by his girl and she is never more safe than when he is near her.

Lets just say both of their parents are so proud and honoured to know that she will be loved as she deserves for the rest of her life. Isn't that what we all want for our children? To be well suited, well adjusted and reach their full potential in their lives? I sincerely hope that one day when its my turn to see my children fall in love, if I am so lucky, that they are ready, that their partner is deserving and that our children appreciate and love them some kind of fiercely in return. 

Love, choose love and you will never not be fulfilled.

Thank you kindly Cassandra & Derek. 

Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0048.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0013.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0019.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0026.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0028.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0050.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0033.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0035.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0038.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0040.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0049.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0053.jpg

And they lived happily ever after....

Nicole + Nasib's Downtown Calgary Wedding Engagement

Nicole + Nasib Engaged

They met and the rest is history. 

Reanne + Michael's Southern California Wedding Engagement

Reanne + Michael

I will follow you anywhere for you know the insides and outsides of my heart. You accept me as I am today, yesterday and tomorrow. This is how love seeks adventure one step at a time; your hand in mine. 

Reanne and Michael have a love story that is full of adventure, exploring city by city, falling in love with musicians songs as they were written on their hearts, they've learned to depend on each other no matter what was around the bend and through it all they were each other's constant. That is how true love grows; when we evolve while holding on the hand to the one who gets us and encourages us to be our best. They are exactly this and when you take one look at them you just know, they were carved from the same stone to be each others perfect fit. 

Much love and respect y'all two. 

xoxo ~ Christy

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Wedding Engagements


This is the time of year when quite a few folks decide to make a commitment to one another to say, 'I do!'  So, congratulations to all of y'all who are recently engaged and here a few tips from a photographer who cares:

  • Like your who you invite to your wedding. 
  • Make sure your remind yourself that this wedding is about the two of y'all and not everybody else. 
  • Do go on a honeymoon after your wedding because you will be exhausted from all the planning and hosting of folks.
  • When you can, take engagement photos because you need to know how y'all will photograph BEFORE the actual wedding day.
  • Make the wedding day a reflection of your love and the fun y'all have together. 
  • The little details DO matter when it is MEANINGFUL to you and your guests.

Congrats again and here is a case in point below. 

What I mean about engagements and why you should do them. Both Alysa and Nick are absolutely lovely but taking an hour or so to see how the photograph relaxed them, reassured them what angles didn't work for them, how I would photograph their rings, no less and how to see their personalities come through so they would see themselves in the photos. 

Alysa + Nick Engaged