Reanne + Michael's Southern California Wedding Engagement

Reanne + Michael

I will follow you anywhere for you know the insides and outsides of my heart. You accept me as I am today, yesterday and tomorrow. This is how love seeks adventure one step at a time; your hand in mine. 

Reanne and Michael have a love story that is full of adventure, exploring city by city, falling in love with musicians songs as they were written on their hearts, they've learned to depend on each other no matter what was around the bend and through it all they were each other's constant. That is how true love grows; when we evolve while holding on the hand to the one who gets us and encourages us to be our best. They are exactly this and when you take one look at them you just know, they were carved from the same stone to be each others perfect fit. 

Much love and respect y'all two. 

xoxo ~ Christy