Bridal Shower

Claudette's Bridal Fiesta

Bridal Showers don't have to be a bore or run over with paper streamers from the dollar store. They can have every ounce of personality as the bride-to-be herself.

Tip : If you add a sangria bar and some sweets, your guest will be sue to salsa around your deck to celebrate that cherished friend or family member. 

Here's what we mean!

Claudette is a pink and gold lover through and through. She also wanted to truly enjoy her celebration with her family and friends before her big journey back to the UK for there destination wedding. So, with summer in fully swing and her love for sparkle, sweets and style a Fiesta was the way to go. Modern Pulp aka Ali Daser was the genius behind the party.  She made Pinterest ideas actually work and filled everyone's bellies with amazing treats from Pretty Sweet Co and, not to mention, some local homemade treats to boot. There was not one item or detailed missed and based on the look on Claudette's face the entire time of her party, it was a huge success.


Thank you kindly for your time and we sincerely hope you enjoyed this post. 



Claudette's Bridal Fiesta

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