Hello There Darling Fall Apparel 2016

The leaves are changing colours, the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier, and pumpkin spiced lattes are typically in my hand until they cut me off at my local Starbucks. More importantly, this is also time for cuddly cozy clothes in my wardrobe to come out for all to see. So, I’ve decided to give y’all two of the softest sweatshirts to fall in love with. 

Sweatshirt Facts

Y’all Aint Right & Bless Your Heart - they are both genuine phrases I say day in, day out. 

Y”all Aint Right - was inspired by this year’s Beyonce’s performance in Edmonton for the Formation Tour. There was so many of ladies who travelled to see her and she literally blew our minds. AH_MAZING.

Bless Your Heart - is a true southern sayin’ that can be used in a genuine kind reaction to someone or a down right insult to someone when they ain’t being right y’all. 


Happy Fall Y”all!