Ashley + Brett's Sheep River Falls Engagement Session

Ashley + Brett Engaged

Your hands guide me toward your lips like it knows how I thirst for your kiss. This feeling you orchestrate is like no other and you must be mine as soon as humanly possible.

Ashley and Brett wanted to do their wedding engagements out somewhere that wasn't on the normal beaten path. They searched high and low for it even and had 'scout' days to find the exact location that spoke to them both. They found Turner Valley's Sheep River Falls and knew instantly that it was the perfect spot. So, like any adventurous photographer, I jumped in their big ole truck and off went to capture their love amongst the amazing views of Turner Valley. 

I always want to know my couple's story and by story, I mean stories. We each have a different memory of how it all went down. So, I want all the details, the good, the embarrassing and the sometimes twisting stories of how they because a couple. You know why. I need to know what makes them tick so when they get in front of my camera I tell their story as authentically as I possibly can.

Here is what I saw, how I could tell they are both passionate souls who will never bore of each other no matter the circumstances.  

Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0026.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0032.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0036.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0049.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0023.jpg

Thank you kindly Ashley and Brett for trusting me, spending quality time with me and letting me into your world. I cannot wait for your wedding day next summer in Strathmore as I know it will be nothing short of amazing. 

Much love and respect to you both.


Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0060.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Ashley_Brett_Engagements_2017_HR 0062.jpg