Roz & Sheldon's Maternity Portraits

Roz & Sheldon's Greatest Adventure

Soon-to-be parents. The are some of my favourite kind of people. They ask questions like, "How in the world will I be able to love this child more than I already do right now? And, they say things like, "I sure hope I have everything we will need. I'm getting so excited to meet my little sweat pea!" It is one of the most amazing stories I get to capture; when love becomes three, or four, etc.

I'm often caught saying how spoiled I am because I have had a front row seat my client's lives. And, I'm so am spoiled rotten. I get to see love firsthand in everyday life.

Rob & Sheldon, may y'all's home be filled with joy, laughter, memories of little yawns, lots of snuggles and pricesless memories y'all can be grateful for everyday. It is what keeps me blissfully happy in my own life and I'm so thrilled to welcome y'all to the club of parenthood. 

Much love & respect, 



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