Rocky Mountain Wedding - Fairmont Hot Springs Wedding

Kaylee + Chris Married

When you know, you just know.

Kaylee and Chris have been together for quite some time and almost all of their friends are now either married, having kiddos, and are engaged to be married. They just knew that when it was time they would say I do.  What am I saying?!?! Chris was never in any hurry but Kaylee was chomping at the bit for years now to be married. ha ha Everyone knew that were meant for each other because they were cut from the same cloth and they can say a entire conversation without saying much at all to each other. Its sort of creepy, yet cool really.

When the time came and Chris made his plan on how to ask Kaylee to marry him forever, she was over the moon and I swear the rest was a blur.  Their wedding was all but planned in the matter of months. After all, she was planning it in her mind for years now. 

After looking at a few venues outside their Calgary home, the Fairmont Hot Springs quickly became their perfect get-away for them and their guests. They wanted a weekend away with everyone without having to go to Mexico like so many other Canadian couples decide to do. This also allowed them to have all of their family.  Kaylee dedicated her wedding planning to making sure every detail for their day was with respect of being together with their guests and laughing, A LOT! 

The day of their wedding mother nature proved to be bit of a concern on and off, but just like all things worth waiting for, we worked with what she gave us and their photos were a lot of fun and simply amazing. Its like they say, if you wait for the right moment, it will pass you by. So, live now, enjoy life now so you never have any regrets of your choices.

At the end of the weekend and their wedding celebration, one thing was for certain, their were never any dull moments and I have the photos to prove it. 

Cheers! ~ Christy