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Is It Letting Yourself Go Or Is It Letting Go


Something that has stroked a very deep cord with me is one's perspective of letting yourself go. I hear it used when other people, especially women, are judging other women. Please know that I am not immune to this shameful act but I do check myself when this happens. But, lets get to the meat of it all, to let oneself go is to give up, throw your hands up in the air and say f'it. Or, is it when we have been in a relationship for an extended period of time and you just don't try anymore? Or, is it when you've had your children and you stop trying to cover up your stretch marks because you are exhausted or just don't care about what other's think about it? 

My grandma Charlotte used to tell me, "The world is made up of all sorts of people and its these people that make the world go around." She is so right. Instead of me judging every person that I come in contact with, I've chosen to stop, look them in the eye when I can and not judge them first. I have no idea what they are walking through and like Brene Brown says, "Let us treat everyone as if they are doing the best they can today." When we do this we no longer have a say or feel compelled to judge our fellow woman (man) when we give ourselves permission to judge not first. 

Now, why all this talk about letting yourself go or letting go?  You see, I've been working on myself. I feel that I've just let go of a lot of hiccups I held on to for some reason or another. For instance, not wearing flow'y tops, not having my toes unpainted, not showing my legs - ever. All of this may seem ridiculous to some and I admit, they are a bit silly even to myself but they were my 'controls' I hold onto as my normal ways to not let myself go. It is just trivial really.

How did the F did I get here? I'm now 38 years old, I love my life and I help people daily but here I judge myself worse than I would ever anyone else and I've justified it as good for me.

Now here is a fact in point about the point I am trying to make, Stephanie as you will see below is not an acception to the rule. She is a real woman, she suffers with real pain, her journey's has taught her how to live and also NOT TO LIVE FULLY, she is also a mother, she is a friend and she is trying not to get lost in a world that lately has been circling in on her. She is most importantly, my hero. She is not perfect but she is trying. She is trying everyday to do what is right, choose to let go of all the noise society is throwing at her and, yet, she smiles because in this there is her freedom. Freedom to learn to take the first step to letting yourself let go.

Background info : When we were doing this session Stephanie told me she felt so badly her hair wasn't done right because she didn't take the time to get it done. I hear things like this at every session I do. I found it odd at the time because I'm not critical of my clients but this is something we as people we do to ourselves, we apologize for letting ourself go because life has happened or let go. I think it tells a story about where we are right now. You might not always like it at first or ever but it is YOUR STORY, YOUR TRUTH, right now. 

Tell me what you see when you see this session.



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Thank you kindly Stephanie for trusting me to tell your story, allow you to see yourself for who you are, strong, beautiful and not defeated.

Much love & respect darling.

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