New Orleans Louisiana Staton Family Portrait Session

The Staton Family

Well, well, well... when I travel, I also work. It is a simple as that. If I post I'm going somewhere you can bet I will also be shooting boudoir and family sessions too. And, I absolutely love it!!

So, here is the Staton Family. They are near and dear to my heart, as well, they are some of my cousins. When you are asked to be hired by your own family two things happen in my mind. One is are they kidding me, why me? The other is, how do you charge your family? Well, someone made a very valid point to me one day. If your family values you and what you create they are showing their love and support by hiring you. Its not different than when you are paid a compliment and you learn how to say thank you instead of hiding. 

So, Dana, Tony, Riley and Daphne, thank you for cheering me on, loving me so much y'all allowed me to capture your family and for reminding me, I'm worth it. I owe y'all everything.

xoxo Much love and respect. 

Your Christy (your cuz/aunt christy)

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