Calgary Boudoir Photography - Fall Camping Boudoir Shoot

Hello There Darling Victor

The smell of campfire, the fresh pot of brewed coffee and a handsome gent just being in the middle of nature, yeah.... that's pretty fantastic and some would say very mountain men like. I won't disagree at all but what I will say, is sometimes the very simple things are some of the sexiest things one can lay eyes on. 

This is what I was thinking when I was asked to collaborate on a outdoor boudoir shoot for a gent. I hope y'all like it and can find some inspiration for the next time you go camping.

Much Respect, 


Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0014.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0002.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0010.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0018.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0001.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0021.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0029.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0031.jpg
Calgary_Boudoir_Photography_Hello_There_Darling_Victor_2017_HR 0051.jpg

Model - Victor

Underwear - Saxx Underwear, Below the Belt

Vintage Shaving Kit, Holt Renfew - Its Vintage YYC

Basically all other decor was from me and my camping supplies. LOL

Calgary Family Photographer - Calgary Fall Family Portraits

The Harrison Family

Something I've learned is how you family is the only ones who understand your crazy because they are the only ones the most like you. So, celebrate the crazy, embrace it and know that you are so full of love because of your crazy little ones. 

Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_Proofs 0015.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_Proofs 0011.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_Proofs 0012.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_HR 0021.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_HR 0022.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_HR 0023.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Calgary_Family_Photography_Harrison_Family_2017_HR 0027.jpg

Until next year Harrison Family...

Calgary Wedding Photography - Fall Wedding Engagements

Cassandra + Derek Engaged

To know what forever looks like is to look into your eyes. I see my future, what unconditional love is and where I know my only home will ever be. 

I remember the first time I met Cassandra, her smile made me smile, immediately. Her excitement about her marrying her gent was contagious. Then, meeting Derek I could see why she felt this way. He is completely smitten by his girl and she is never more safe than when he is near her.

Lets just say both of their parents are so proud and honoured to know that she will be loved as she deserves for the rest of her life. Isn't that what we all want for our children? To be well suited, well adjusted and reach their full potential in their lives? I sincerely hope that one day when its my turn to see my children fall in love, if I am so lucky, that they are ready, that their partner is deserving and that our children appreciate and love them some kind of fiercely in return. 

Love, choose love and you will never not be fulfilled.

Thank you kindly Cassandra & Derek. 

Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0048.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0013.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0019.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0026.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0028.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0050.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0033.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0035.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0038.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0040.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0049.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Cassandra_Derek_Engagements_2017_HR 0053.jpg

And they lived happily ever after....

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Confetti Wedding Magazine Launch

Hello There Darling Couples

If you are here, I am yours. If you want me, I am waiting for your next move. You are my beat to my heart and together we complete each curve and groove as if we were made to fit the same mold. 

There is something to be said about two people who are just comfortable in each other's company. You know what I mean, they can tune out the world, just stay inside together on a rainy day and do nothing but watch movies, read books, talk for hours about nothing and let go of all the world's problems as long as they are together.

This shoot for the Confetti Wedding Magazine is what I think when I have this feeling on those days when you are so in love that only their breathing matches your heartbeat. I wanted to showcase how our ordinary lives are extraordinary, how couples don't have to be anyone else than themselves and how boudoir doesn't have to be overdone or boring. It can be simply authentic and beautiful.

Much Respect Folks


Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0004.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0005.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0006.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0007.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0003.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0010.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0024.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0025.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0026.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0028.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0029.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0030.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0031.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0033.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0020.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0023.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0022.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0037.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0035.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0036.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0034.jpg

Creative Team

Makeup - Trena Laine Makeup

Hair Styling - Hammerheadz Salon

Clothing - Knickers - n - Lace & Ed Williams

Vintage Bed & Side Carte - Orange Trunk Rentals & Styling

Concept & Decor - Christy D Swanberg, Hello There Darling

Venue - The Hudson, The Guild

Inspiration for Shoot - Luca Fogale, Shelter. See below.

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Calgary City Elopement

Melanie + Jeremy Married

Lets meet up in a calgary park, tell only our family and tie the knot. Tell me more, tell me more, is all I could think when I met Melanie and Jeremy for the first time for their wedding portraits before their elopement. I love when folks just make a decision that is best for them and enjoy every minute of it all. After all, isn't that what living is all about? 

Heres to y'all Mel + Jeremy. 

Best Wishes & Congratulations


Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0037.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0033.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0034.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0039.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0038.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0022.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0017.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0020.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0023.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0043.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0048.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0127.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0051.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0088.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0099.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0097.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0100.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0125.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0129.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0068.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0059.jpg
Calgary_Wedding_Photography_Melanie_Jeremy_Elopement_2017 0128.jpg

Much Love & Respect to Y'all both. 

Thank you for finding me and allowing me to capture your beautiful love.


Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Stephanie

Is It Letting Yourself Go Or Is It Letting Go


Something that has stroked a very deep cord with me is one's perspective of letting yourself go. I hear it used when other people, especially women, are judging other women. Please know that I am not immune to this shameful act but I do check myself when this happens. But, lets get to the meat of it all, to let oneself go is to give up, throw your hands up in the air and say f'it. Or, is it when we have been in a relationship for an extended period of time and you just don't try anymore? Or, is it when you've had your children and you stop trying to cover up your stretch marks because you are exhausted or just don't care about what other's think about it? 

My grandma Charlotte used to tell me, "The world is made up of all sorts of people and its these people that make the world go around." She is so right. Instead of me judging every person that I come in contact with, I've chosen to stop, look them in the eye when I can and not judge them first. I have no idea what they are walking through and like Brene Brown says, "Let us treat everyone as if they are doing the best they can today." When we do this we no longer have a say or feel compelled to judge our fellow woman (man) when we give ourselves permission to judge not first. 

Now, why all this talk about letting yourself go or letting go?  You see, I've been working on myself. I feel that I've just let go of a lot of hiccups I held on to for some reason or another. For instance, not wearing flow'y tops, not having my toes unpainted, not showing my legs - ever. All of this may seem ridiculous to some and I admit, they are a bit silly even to myself but they were my 'controls' I hold onto as my normal ways to not let myself go. It is just trivial really.

How did the F did I get here? I'm now 38 years old, I love my life and I help people daily but here I judge myself worse than I would ever anyone else and I've justified it as good for me.

Now here is a fact in point about the point I am trying to make, Stephanie as you will see below is not an acception to the rule. She is a real woman, she suffers with real pain, her journey's has taught her how to live and also NOT TO LIVE FULLY, she is also a mother, she is a friend and she is trying not to get lost in a world that lately has been circling in on her. She is most importantly, my hero. She is not perfect but she is trying. She is trying everyday to do what is right, choose to let go of all the noise society is throwing at her and, yet, she smiles because in this there is her freedom. Freedom to learn to take the first step to letting yourself let go.

Background info : When we were doing this session Stephanie told me she felt so badly her hair wasn't done right because she didn't take the time to get it done. I hear things like this at every session I do. I found it odd at the time because I'm not critical of my clients but this is something we as people we do to ourselves, we apologize for letting ourself go because life has happened or let go. I think it tells a story about where we are right now. You might not always like it at first or ever but it is YOUR STORY, YOUR TRUTH, right now. 

Tell me what you see when you see this session.



Hello_There_Darling_Stephanie_2017_HR 0024.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Stephanie_2017_HR 0028.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Stephanie_2017_HR 0020.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Stephanie_2017_HR 0029.jpg

Thank you kindly Stephanie for trusting me to tell your story, allow you to see yourself for who you are, strong, beautiful and not defeated.

Much love & respect darling.

Makeup by Zen Beauty

Calgary Wedding Photographer - UK Destination Wedding

Claudette + Jonathan Married

I could write a very long novel, well maybe a short story at least about these two amazing folks. They have become pillars in my world and I am better for it. When they asked me if I would travel to Bristol, UK to capture their wedding day after their unforgettable proposal, I don't remember anything other than cheers'ing and checking flights. It would be the best decision besides moving to Canada and having a family that I've ever made. As you will see, its hard not to embrace this venue, the collective creative team and the couple with all your heart because they too give all they have right back to you. 

I won't ramble but I will say this, no other wedding I've photographed to date, has captivated my heart so. There are many seconds but this one was one for the books.  

May your lives be filled with all things rose, great football, delicious food, many exciting and relaxing adventures, great times with great friends for the rest of your days together Claudette & Jonathan. It has been an amazing honour. 

Old_Manor_Estate_Wedding_Bristol_UK_Claudette_Jonathan_2016_HR 0313.jpg
Old_Manor_Estate_Wedding_Bristol_UK_Claudette_Jonathan_2016_HR 0380.jpg

Thank you kindly Claudette & Jonathan for allowing me and my team to travel to your home to capture one of the greatest loves I will ever know. 

Now, please make sure to watch the beautiful video by Parfait Productions below. 

Creative Team 

Venue - Old Down Estate, Bristol UK

Wedding Day of Coordination - Matthew Oliver Weddings

Wedding Design - Claudette Marie Events

Florals - Ruby & the Wolf

Makeup - Elle Hitchens Makeup

Wedding Dress - Vera Wang

Wedding Shoes - Brides - Betsey Johnson

Viel - Twigs & Honey

Gents Suits - Suit Direct

Bowties & Pocket Squares - Boutique by Kate

Rings - Premier Gems & Troy Shoppe Jewellers

Wedding Stationary - The Social Page

Vow Booklets  - Stevie + Bean Paperie

Laser Cut Signs (CJ) - Bespoke Laser UK

Linens & Rentals - Table to Dine For

Cakes & Desserts - Anna Cake Couture

Cinematography - Parfait Productions

DJ - Bespoke DJ Events

Officiant - Jenna Catley Richardson

Second Shooter - Erin Bowley, Photograpik

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Downtown Calgary Wedding Engagements

Nicole + Nasib Engaged

They met and the rest is history. 

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Southern California Beach Styled Wedding Shoot

Follow Your Heart Wherever It May Take You

When I close my eyes I see sun kissed skin, I can smell the salty air from the coast-line, and it is a place where I go to let go of all my worries. The beachside is where so many go to elope, get married and to just surf the waves to reconnect to all that is important. 

I wanted to do a shoot based on my love of the beach, the beautiful California sunsets, timeless fashion, and unsurprising beauty. When I also asked many of my Canadian friends and family where they would elope to, they almost always said California. 

Creative A-Team : 

 Dress - Adorn Boutique

Flowers - Rooted Florals

Model - Reanne Eisler

Hair - Pure Blow Out Bar

Stationary - Bloom Invites

Decore - Tile (Floor Store Encinitas)

Accessories - BHLDN

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Southern California Beach Day

Hello There Darling Nihan 

Sometimes we just need to follow our  heart and the sound of the waves when life isn't doing what you had planned. Lets just say, if we spend more time letting go of the things we can't control and focus on what we can the amount of freedom we will obtain is endless.  Here is what happened when I did just that. 

Lately, I have been feeling, like many others I know, that the world is in a funny place. I don't mean funny in a ha ha way, but more that it just has being feels off to me. So, I did what I always do when I realize this, I hop on a plane and change my scenery. 

So, what does this all have to do with the lovely you see below and in this blog title?  Well, she was a total stranger to me. I was shooting a bridal shoot on the beautiful beach here and she was an on looker of it all. Then, my scheduled boudoir client that I had set up was running late and actually ended up not being able to make it in time for our sunset beach session. This is where Nihan comes in. I took a deep breath, walked over with my camera in hand and boldly asked if she would step in as my beach boudoir model as I had 15 mins and thought she would be perfect. 

Here is the results! Oh boy, I am so glad I listened to the waves calling me to San Diego, not allowing fear to rule over me this day. I trusted my gut, 'changed my stars', yes that is A Knight's Tale quote, and got these shots. Nihan, you are stunningly beautiful, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who has ever told you that but more importantly, you trusted a stranger. You took a leap of faith with me and for that I am forever grateful. You are now an official Darling, like all my Hello There Darling boudoir clients. 

Much love & respect, 


P.S. Y'al should check out her website if you love fashion, style and well all things pretty.

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Southern California Wedding Engagements

Reanne + Michael

I will follow you anywhere for you know the insides and outsides of my heart. You accept me as I am today, yesterday and tomorrow. This is how love seeks adventure one step at a time; your hand in mine. 

Reanne and Michael have a love story that is full of adventure, exploring city by city, falling in love with musicians songs as they were written on their hearts, they've learned to depend on each other no matter what was around the bend and through it all they were each other's constant. That is how true love grows; when we evolve while holding on the hand to the one who gets us and encourages us to be our best. They are exactly this and when you take one look at them you just know, they were carved from the same stone to be each others perfect fit. 

Much love and respect y'all two. 

xoxo ~ Christy

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Traditional Filipino Wedding

Erin + Matt

Family, Love & Tradition

To be surround by those who love you, support you and only want to see you succeed in life is the greatest gift of all. Erin and Matt stood in front of all their family and friends and sincerely thanked each and everyone of their guests for their love and support. To start their new chapter in such a way made me weak in the knees.  

Sure, there love of Kate Spade and beautiful shoes made a debut throughout their wedding day but what was the constant theme through their day was family, love and tradition. You see they are two of the most loving, compassionate, funny, people who, are who they are, because of all the love and support they surrounded around them since they were born.

If only we could all come from a home where love is the common more important factor in everyone's lives, maybe our world would be filled with more empathy and kindness. My faith that good always wins, was never more strong than after this beautiful couple's wedding day. I wish you both all the happiness this life can give you both and it was a complete honour to capture your wedding story through my portraits.  

Much love & respect.

Calgary_Wedding_Pinebrook_Erin_Matt_2016_Hr 0389.jpg

Wedding A-List Team :

Wedding Planning & Coordination - Enriched Events, Sonia Ulmer

Wedding Ceremony - St. Albert the Great Parish

Wedding Venue - Pinebrook Golf & Club, Tuesday Poole

Videography - Ringtail Films

Entertainment - Jason Delaney

Makeup - Maison Blu

Hair - Glamaway Beauty

Wedding Dress - Novia Mia Bridal

Bridal Robes - Silkandmore, Etsy

Wedding Shoes - Hers - Badgley Mischka

Wedding Shoes - His - Johnson & Murphy

Suits - Eph Apparel

Stationary - Carmela Sarile

Florals - Philip Chong Floral Bar

Cake - Whippt Catering & Desserts

Popsicles - Family Freezed

Transportation - Dreams


Here is their video by Ringtail films

Rocky Mountains Wedding Photographer - Fairmont Hot Springs Wedding

Kaylee + Chris Married

When you know, you just know.

Kaylee and Chris have been together for quite some time and almost all of their friends are now either married, having kiddos, and are engaged to be married. They just knew that when it was time they would say I do.  What am I saying?!?! Chris was never in any hurry but Kaylee was chomping at the bit for years now to be married. ha ha Everyone knew that were meant for each other because they were cut from the same cloth and they can say a entire conversation without saying much at all to each other. Its sort of creepy, yet cool really.

When the time came and Chris made his plan on how to ask Kaylee to marry him forever, she was over the moon and I swear the rest was a blur.  Their wedding was all but planned in the matter of months. After all, she was planning it in her mind for years now. 

After looking at a few venues outside their Calgary home, the Fairmont Hot Springs quickly became their perfect get-away for them and their guests. They wanted a weekend away with everyone without having to go to Mexico like so many other Canadian couples decide to do. This also allowed them to have all of their family.  Kaylee dedicated her wedding planning to making sure every detail for their day was with respect of being together with their guests and laughing, A LOT! 

The day of their wedding mother nature proved to be bit of a concern on and off, but just like all things worth waiting for, we worked with what she gave us and their photos were a lot of fun and simply amazing. Its like they say, if you wait for the right moment, it will pass you by. So, live now, enjoy life now so you never have any regrets of your choices.

At the end of the weekend and their wedding celebration, one thing was for certain, their were never any dull moments and I have the photos to prove it. 

Cheers! ~ Christy

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Fish Creek Park Wedding

Emmylou + Shaun Married

So, this wedding is for all the DIY can-doers, serious Gilmore girl fans, lovers all teacups, men who can dress well, and love a good outdoor wedding and reception.

I will keep this short and too the point because I know y'all are here for the photos. So,  here is what I call the next best couple since Lorelei + Luke. Emmylou + Shaun are two of the most lovely, wittiest couples I've ever met. They get what life is really all about, they love their family and friends like there is no tomorrow and when Emmylou walked down the outdoor park path, I even wept. You see, Emmy is basically super talented in... well everything really and that is why most of their wedding decor, etc she made HERSELF and it wasn't Pinterest fails. Ha Ha Don't get me wrong she had some amazing help from Lisa & Peter, her wedding assistants but she had an amazing vision that she also shared with her now hubby, Shaun. After all, he made their backdrop frame for their ceremony. See, I told you, he is her Luke. He is handy and can make anything!!!

Ok, y'all see for yourself what I"m talking about folks!

What you need to know about these bottles of champagne, is that Emmylou's picked up her bottle of Perrier Jouet in France when she went to the vineyard and then told her momma about it. Her momma was stunned and immediately got her own bottle of champagne from her wedding  roughly 37 years ago!!!

What you need to know about these bottles of champagne, is that Emmylou's picked up her bottle of Perrier Jouet in France when she went to the vineyard and then told her momma about it. Her momma was stunned and immediately got her own bottle of champagne from her wedding  roughly 37 years ago!!!


Here's their amazing, beautiful video by THE Parfait Productions, because you need to see it folks. You NEED TO SEE IT!

Creative Team : 

Wedding Ceremony - Hulls Wood Amphitheatre, Fish Creek Park

Wedding Reception - Meadow Muse Pavillon

Cinematography - Parfait Productions

Marriage Commissioner - Brenwyn Cooley

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Invitations - Minted

Wedding Dress, Headpiece & Ear Rings - David's Bridal

Wedding Ring - Brides - Heart on Fire

Wedding Ring - Groom - Crown Rings

Bride's Bracelet - Frilly Lilly

Suits - Moore's

Groomsmen Accessories - The Tie Bar

Champagne & Vintage Flutes - Perrier Jouet, France

Reception Decor & Design - Emmylou

Wedding Assistants - Lisa Barbetti & Peter Klein 

Wedding Couple's Portrait - Little Me Paper Co.

Entertainment & DJ - Pez Productions

Guests Shuttle Service - Ambassador Limo


"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone completely in love and knowing they are 100% compatible in every way. Emmylou + Shaun y'all are this through and through." - xoxo Christy

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Crystal

The mental prep for your boudoir darlings!

Crystal secretly pulled me aside one evening at a mutal friends house to ask me to shoot her boudoir. Of course, immediately, we both became giddy about it and the planning began. You see the mental preparation for a boudoir is the single most important part of a boudoir session. You are about to allow yourself to be vulnerable and truly look at who you are. The great thing about this is, your session is less about what you wear, or what you shave / wax but who you are deep down. There is no escaping it really. 

So, like all boudoir shoots, we have a few chats on the phone, there is a styling part of the shoot so you can be seen in every shot. There is even a boudoir prep kit on what to expect with treats sent out to your doorstep for the private full sessions. 

This is THE magic of a boudoir session and why no two are the same.  It is also why boudoir sessions are my favourite thing to shoot and why so many folks want to have them done repetitively. Getting to know yourself is the best gift you will ever invest in. 

So, here is what we came up with Crystal and I.

Hello There Darling Crystal

Special Thanks to the following creatives who helped make this session exceptional : 

Makeup - Love & Colour, Karlie Cyr

Kimono - Lost in Layers

Much Love,




Calgary Wedding Photographer - Charbar Resturant Wedding

Amanda + Andrew Married

When you know, you know. Life sometimes is just as simple as that. 

You can search all your life for a true love but it all comes down to trusting that voice inside you that is either whispering or yelling at you to respond. Amanda and Andrew know exactly what this is like. They found each other and just knew.

The wedding planning, however came when they were ready. After all, they are both very busy folks and have the most amazing lil'man-boy, Grayson I ever did met. This in turn allowed them to create their perfect day, where every wedding detail was centred around what is really important to both of them. As you can see, that meant, their love for their family and friends, especially their son. 

Amanda & Andrew, Thank y'all kindly for trusting me to capture your beautiful love story as it was so refreshing to see your commitment take place in such an intimate and endearing venue. Everything was just perfect. (Charbar, y'all killed it!)

Creative Team Vendors : 

Venue - Charbar

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Wedding Gown - Pearl & Dot

Groom & Grayson's Suits - Ensemble & Atelier by Ensemble

Makeup & Hair - Katie Kerr Makeup

Banff Wedding Photographer - Mountainscape Wedding

Rachel + Mark Married


There is nothing better to me than two beautiful people in absolute love. 

When I met Mark and Rachel I could see instantly their connection they had with each other. They loved each other openly, without hesitation, and with great depth. When I see this in my line of work, just makes me giddy and overall just excited to capture everything I can about my couples. 

Next, came their wedding day - THE mountain-scape ceremony in front of only their closest family and friends. (Well, the officiant and myself too!) I will never forget walking up to their sought out, perfect little spot they found in Banff National Park, Massive Mountain. It took my breath away. It isn't often I am speechless but this time I absolutely was just that, speechless. 

There is something magical about slowing down life, isolating what is truly important and just be still. This is what Rachel and Mark had found. A place where they would commit to each for the rest of their lives and know they were calm, surrounded by love and their new chapter would be one of purpose and reflection of what is really important. 

I cannot tell you just how beautiful it was, because words can't do it justice, but I most certainly can show you. So, here y'all go... Rachel + Mark Married.

Thank you kindly to my beautiful couple, Rachel & Mark, their family and for Karlie Cyr for making Rachel just look glowing and flawless. May your new chapter be filled with so joy, love and unending blessings. 

Much respect, 


Creative Team : 

Wedding Dress & Hairpiece - Beautiful Bride

Marriage Officiant / Witness - Lori Rupert

Jewish Hoopa - Made by the Groom, Mark

Makeup & Hair - Love & Colour Makeup

Flowers - Debbie Lunt Florals

Custom Wedding Jewelry - Wild Rose Jewelry

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Wedding Engagements


This is the time of year when quite a few folks decide to make a commitment to one another to say, 'I do!'  So, congratulations to all of y'all who are recently engaged and here a few tips from a photographer who cares:

  • Like your who you invite to your wedding. 
  • Make sure your remind yourself that this wedding is about the two of y'all and not everybody else. 
  • Do go on a honeymoon after your wedding because you will be exhausted from all the planning and hosting of folks.
  • When you can, take engagement photos because you need to know how y'all will photograph BEFORE the actual wedding day.
  • Make the wedding day a reflection of your love and the fun y'all have together. 
  • The little details DO matter when it is MEANINGFUL to you and your guests.

Congrats again and here is a case in point below. 

What I mean about engagements and why you should do them. Both Alysa and Nick are absolutely lovely but taking an hour or so to see how the photograph relaxed them, reassured them what angles didn't work for them, how I would photograph their rings, no less and how to see their personalities come through so they would see themselves in the photos. 

Alysa + Nick Engaged

Calgary Boudoir Photographer - Hello There Darling Marcel

Male Boudoir

Its the new hottest thing on the market because gents want to celebrate being them too and why shouldn't they?! I might be a feminist but all the great men I've met in my time are also feminist. Its not about being better than the other sex but supporting all mankind through equality. 

So, to show support and celebrate all the amazing gents out there here is Hello There Darling Marcel. He happens to be a professional model and is one of the nicest gents I know but here is the catch y'all. Boudoir is not about being a model but yourself. I had to remind Marcel to relax, stop posing and get out of his own way. He had to just be him or else I wouldn't take the photo. I think that made him feel uncomfortable like every single person I get to photograph for boudoir. Each client starts out very vulnerable and they have to trust me completely. And, here is what trust looks like folks and getting out your own way.


Calgary Wedding Photographer - Modern Rustic Elopement

Water Valley Church Modern Rustic Elopement


Lets just run away to our forever because I can't wait one more day without being yours. - CDS

I wanted to create what I thought a beautiful elopement from just outside the city limits could look like. What I didn't dream I would be able to create was setting the stage for a real couple to tie the knot in front of their closest family and friends. It was simply beautiful, carefully styled to reflect them and who they truly are while reminding me the whole reason I love shooting love stories in the first place, being around great people.

Please meet Kendra, Max and their beautiful daughter, Indie. Their elopement story is one that will inspire all of us to remember our purpose in life and how love binds us together when its genuine. 


Thank you kindly to :

Venue & Hostess - Water Valley Church & Events

Florals - Amborella Floral Design

Bridal Attire & Jewelry - Frocks Modern, Calgary, AB

Groom's Attire - Ed Williams Menswear

Makeup - Katie Kerr Makeup Artistry

Marriage Commissioner - Maxeen Brigley

Stationary, Elopement Announcements - Bloom Invites

Ceremony Backdrop & Paper Flowers - Prairie Love

Vintage Decor - Orange Trunk Vintage Rental & Styling

Photography - Lil'Ole Me!