Hello There Darling Marcel

Male Boudoir

Its the new hottest thing on the market because gents want to celebrate being them too and why shouldn't they?! I might be a feminist but all the great men I've met in my time are also feminist. Its not about being better than the other sex but supporting all mankind through equality. 

So, to show support and celebrate all the amazing gents out there here is Hello There Darling Marcel. He happens to be a professional model and is one of the nicest gents I know but here is the catch y'all. Boudoir is not about being a model but yourself. I had to remind Marcel to relax, stop posing and get out of his own way. He had to just be him or else I wouldn't take the photo. I think that made him feel uncomfortable like every single person I get to photograph for boudoir. Each client starts out very vulnerable and they have to trust me completely. And, here is what trust looks like folks and getting out your own way.