Wedding Engagements


This is the time of year when quite a few folks decide to make a commitment to one another to say, 'I do!'  So, congratulations to all of y'all who are recently engaged and here a few tips from a photographer who cares:

  • Like your who you invite to your wedding.

  • Make sure your remind yourself that this wedding is about the two of y'all and not everybody else.

  • Do go on a honeymoon after your wedding because you will be exhausted from all the planning and hosting of folks.

  • When you can, take engagement photos because you need to know how y'all will photograph BEFORE the actual wedding day.

  • Make the wedding day a reflection of your love and the fun y'all have together.

  • The little details DO matter when it is MEANINGFUL to you and your guests.

Congrats again and here is a case in point below. 

What I mean about engagements and why you should do them. Both Alysa and Nick are absolutely lovely but taking an hour or so to see how the photograph relaxed them, reassured them what angles didn't work for them, how I would photograph their rings, no less and how to see their personalities come through so they would see themselves in the photos. 

Alysa + Nick Engaged