Confetti Wedding Magazine Launch

Hello There Darling Couples

If you are here, I am yours. If you want me, I am waiting for your next move. You are my beat to my heart and together we complete each curve and groove as if we were made to fit the same mold. 

There is something to be said about two people who are just comfortable in each other's company. You know what I mean, they can tune out the world, just stay inside together on a rainy day and do nothing but watch movies, read books, talk for hours about nothing and let go of all the world's problems as long as they are together.

This shoot for the Confetti Wedding Magazine is what I think when I have this feeling on those days when you are so in love that only their breathing matches your heartbeat. I wanted to showcase how our ordinary lives are extraordinary, how couples don't have to be anyone else than themselves and how boudoir doesn't have to be overdone or boring. It can be simply authentic and beautiful.

Much Respect Folks


Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0004.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0005.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0006.jpg
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Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0031.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0033.jpg
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Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0022.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0037.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0035.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0036.jpg
Hello_There_Darling_Boudoir_Confetti_Magazine_Shoot_2017_HR 0034.jpg

Creative Team

Makeup - Trena Laine Makeup

Hair Styling - Hammerheadz Salon

Clothing - Knickers - n - Lace & Ed Williams

Vintage Bed & Side Carte - Orange Trunk Rentals & Styling

Concept & Decor - Christy D Swanberg, Hello There Darling

Venue - The Hudson, The Guild

Inspiration for Shoot - Luca Fogale, Shelter. See below.