Cassandra + Derek's Fall Engagement Session

Cassandra + Derek Engaged

To know what forever looks like is to look into your eyes. I see my future, what unconditional love is and where I know my only home will ever be. 

I remember the first time I met Cassandra, her smile made me smile, immediately. Her excitement about her marrying her gent was contagious. Then, meeting Derek I could see why she felt this way. He is completely smitten by his girl and she is never more safe than when he is near her.

Lets just say both of their parents are so proud and honoured to know that she will be loved as she deserves for the rest of her life. Isn't that what we all want for our children? To be well suited, well adjusted and reach their full potential in their lives? I sincerely hope that one day when its my turn to see my children fall in love, if I am so lucky, that they are ready, that their partner is deserving and that our children appreciate and love them some kind of fiercely in return. 

Love, choose love and you will never not be fulfilled.

Thank you kindly Cassandra & Derek. 

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And they lived happily ever after....